Dear Trojan Families... (September 20, 2022)

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Dear Trojan Family:


On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the administration received multiple anonymous tips regarding a security concern.  There was never any active threat on any of Dyersburg City Schools' campuses.  However, a decision was made to increase security and implement protocols we have in place to keep everyone safe.  Dyersburg City Schools has been working with the Dyersburg Police Department and FBI with that information.  The investigation is still underway.  We are thankful to our students and staff for their diligence in reporting any suspicious activity noticed at any time.  I understand how scary situations like this can be for families.  Our entire staff along with local law enforcement agencies take the safety of our students very seriously.  Unfortunately, sometimes speculation and rumors on social media cause these stories to grow and tend to make the situation much worse.   We will do our best to communicate information with you throughout these situations as quickly as possible.  Thanks to the continued diligence of our students, parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, and Dyersburg Police Department in following our safety protocols and providing protection for our students.   


Kim Worley

Director of Schools